Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Helpful links

http://www.drsarahallen.com/- a therapist in Northern Illinois, specializing in PPD and PTSD following childbirth.

http://www.ppdil.org/symptoms-of-PPMDs.html- Illinois Postpartum Alliance, information on therapists, resources, and symptoms.

www.postpartum.net- a great general resource about PPD.

www.postpartumdads.org- for the dads affected by PPD.

www.birthtraumaassociation.org.uk- birth trauma website, information on PPD and PTSD following childbirth.

Kellymom.com- information on all things mothering, nursing, and medication.  Includes a section on drugs and their safety during pregnancy/breastfeeding.

Mothering.com- a natural living online magazine, and a forum for mothers to discuss natural family living.  Includes a discussion forum on mental health and postpartum depression.

http://www.moodcure.com/- information on natural treatment for depression and anxiety.

http://center4cby.com/birth-parenting-news-anxiety-disorders-in-pregnancy-and-the-postpartum-- period.html- information on anxiety disorders after pregnancy.  I found this one especially helpful.

http://www.prapsych.com/clinicians.htm  - Link to a group of therapists and psychiatrists with locations in Schaumburg, Vernon Hills, and Crystal Lake, IL.  For those more interested in an alternative to medication and traditional therapy, Dr. Janeen Paul at this practice is certified in Life Force Yoga, which is a form of yoga that is useful in treating mild to moderate depression.

http://postpartumprogress.com/fact-checking-the-postpartum-depression-doubters-pills-are-the-easy-way-out - this is a blog article that I found.  I felt it was very useful and helpful in helping new moms facing the choice of whether or not to take medicine for their depression, and it answers back many of the critics of depression medication.

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